Arch Infra's capacity to handle major projects is further strengthened by its rich repertoire of cutting-edge machinery and top-of-the-order equipment. It can boast up all the machinery necessary for carrying out any task it shoulders. The long list of our hard-working task masters active at various work-sites contains some noteworthy items like cranes, compressor, generator, water pump, concrete mixer, batching plant, sand washing machinery, drilling and grouting machinery, excavator, tippers, water tankers, centering plates, trusses, girders, props, H. Frame, welding plant, cutting & bending machine and also testing machines like slump cone, compresson testing machine, concrete cube moulds, G I sieves etc. In addition, we have sufficient arrangement for outsourcing any required machinery as well as services in the case of  an emergency.


One of Arch Infra's strong point is our sound support structure. We have a carefully selected network of suppliers on whom we can depend for quality material and prompt services. We can always rely on a host of our long-associated sub-contractors who have been providing us high standard services that are at par with the best in the Industry.
They are truly our partners in progress.